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Sewage Pumping Station, Sabarmati Riverfront Project, Ahmedabad, India


Client: Sabarmati River Front Development Corporation Ltd.


Project Summary:

The Interception and Diversion of Sewage flowing through the storm water network into the Sabarmati River implemented.

Sewage flow of each outlet in Sabarmati River on both bank was measured.

Interceptor was designed to carry the sewage flow of 19 mld to 77 mld on West bank  with intermediate sewage pumping station.

The length of interceptor is 10.4 Km. with diameter ranges from 1200 mm. – 1800 mm. RCC pipe. Interceptor was designed to carry the sewage flow of 9 mld to 148 mld on East bank  with intermediate sewage pumping station.

The length of interceptor is 9.8 Km. with diameter ranges from 900 mm. – 2200 mm. RCC pipe. The terminal sewage pumping station on both the bank with the capacity of 77 mld and 149 mld was designed to pump the sewage flow upto sewage treatment plant.  Outlet structure at each outlet (15 nos. on West bank & 13 Nos. on East bank) are also designed with gated structure.

Identification of components for cleaning the Sabarmati River,  such as

  1. Intercepting Sewers on East and West banks of Sabarmati River
  2. Intermediate & Terminal Sewage Pumping Station on Interceptor
  3. Outlet structure on interceptor
  4. Rising main from pumping station to sewage treatment plant

Description of Actual Services provided by the Firm:

MMCPL was assigned to provide Consultancy Services for Data collection, site visit, identification of components for river cleaning, preparing pre-feasibility report and getting approval from NRCD, preparing component wise detailed project report with cost-estimates & drawing and getting approval from NRCD.  Based on DPR preparing tender document, preparing evaluation report and submitting working drawings for all components.

Team Assigned:

  1. Mr. N.R. Parikh   – Managing Director and Consulting Engineer
  2. Mr. A. N. Parikh
  3. Mr. A.J. Shah
  4. Mr. J.J. Gariwala
  5. Mrs. Viraj Bhatt
  6. Mrs. Amita Mehta
  7. Mr. Dhumketu Mehta


Project Cost: Rs. 814.6 Million

Ankleshwar Sewerage Treatment Plant


Client: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation


Project Summary:


A 22.50 mLd capacity sewage treatment plant has been set up by GIDC to treat the domestic waste water from housing of Ankleshwar Industrial  Estate & dispose off into Amla Khadi passing near by the STP site.  The treatment scheme is based on Extended Aeration process with fine bubble diffused  aeration system.  The scope also included collection well to receive raw sewage which shall be further pumped to treatment plant.

Description of Actual Services provided by the Firm:

MMCPL was assigned to provide Consultancy Services for Tender Evaluation, checking and approval of working drawings, project planning, management and monitoring / supervision over execution of work at site.

Team Assigned:

  1. Mr. A. N. Parikh
  2. Mr. Sameer Shah
  3. Mr. Vijay Gajjar
  4. Mrs. Viraj Bhatt
  5. Mrs. Amita Mehta
  6. Mr. Nilesh Patwala


Project Cost: Rs. 202.5 Million

East And West Ahmedabad Sewerage Project




Ahmedabad is the 7th largest city in India with a present population of 5.5 Million which is likely to be 11 Million by 2021. The Municipal Corporation Area (until 2006) admeasuring 192 sq km has 95% coverage in terms of sewage network. In 2006 an additional 258 sq km area was added to the Municipal Corporation limits. In newly added areas, the New west zone area covering 134 sq km has a sewerage network coverage in about 40 sq km area whereas the new east zone area covering 32 sq km does not have any coverage in terms of sewage network. The present population in the area is about 2.4 Million and likely to increase to 3.3 Million by 2025. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation alongwith Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority is implementing a project for Sewerage collection, treatment and disposal for this newly added areas. This project is funded under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) of the Govt of India. The project components are listed below :


For East Ahmedabad

  • Sewerage Network – 233 Km Length – Concrete Pipes
  • Terminal Sewage Pumping Station at Vinzol – 102 Mld Capacity
  • Sewage Treatment Plant at Vinzol – 70 Mld Capacity


For West Ahmedabad

Sewerage Network – 467 Km Length – Concrete Pipes

  • Intermediate Pumping Stations at Bhat and Chandkheda
  • Terminal Sewage Pumping Station at Vasna – 285 Mld Capacity
  • Sewage Treatment Plant at Vasna – 240 Mld Capacity



The project is under implementation and likely to be commissioned in phases from 2010 to 2012.



Mr. Nayan Parikh – Team Leader                                                                          Mr. Diplesh Patel – Sr Cadd Specialist

Mr. Apurva Parikh  – Structural Engineer                                                             Mrs. Amita  Mehta – Hydraulic Engineer

Mr. A J Shah – Senior Environmental  Engineer                                               Mr. Roshan Shah -  Sr Elec/Mech/Inst Engineer

Mrs. Viraj Bhatt – Senior Hydraulic Engineer                                                    Mr. Girish Patel – Survey Engineer


PROJECT ESTIMATE (AT 2007 PRICE LEVEL) :                                  ESTIMATED CONSULTANCY FEES :  

Rs 4.5 Billion (US$ 91 Million)                                                                                Rs. 45 Million

180 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant At Pirana




East Ahmedabad is mainly an industrial area. It is a rapidly developing side of the city. With the population of Ahmedabad projected to be 11 million by 2021 AD, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided to extend its sewerage system. Hence MMCPL was employed to design a 180mld capacity STP( Sewage Treatment Plant) in Pirana area. MMCPL was involved in preparing detailed project report, getting approval from JnNURM , preparation of tender document, proof checking of designs provided by EPC contractors and overall management of project.

The STP is based on Activated Sludge Process with fine bubble diffused aeration system. By providing treatment, facility pollution caused due to disposal of untreated sewage in River Sabarmati will be stopped and wastewater will be used for irrigation. It is India’s first STP with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) SCADA ( Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) system with auto operation. The STP is capable to generate about 1.2. MW electricity by providing additional Biogas Engine System, which is self sufficient to make the STP “energy-free”.


As a result of the work done by MMCPL,  Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has prioritized the implementation of project and commissioned the project.



Mr Apurva Parikh-Team Leader                                                                       Mr Roshan Shah- Sr. Elect/Mech/Inst Engineer

Mr Sameer Shah – Sr Environmental Engineer                                           Mrs Viraj Bhatt   -Sr Environmental Engineer



Rs. 540 Million (US$ 10.8 Million)                                                               Rs. 5.4 Million

66 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant At Atladra




Vadodara is the third largest city of Gujarat with a population of 1.6 million. To accelerate economic growth the government visualized ‘Balancing economic opportunity and quality of life’. As a part of improving infrastructure, the Vadodra Municipal Corporation increased the capacity of the current sewerage system at Ataladra to provide sewerage service to 90 % of the population and 100 % stoppage of raw sewage overflow from manholes, pipes, etc. in open. The Sewage used to be collected from Drainage Zone III of all area to the West of river Vishwamitri and treated at Ataladara Sewage Treatment Plant then being disposed off in river Vishwamitri. To improve performance a new sewage treatment plant to treat 43 mLd average flow (Peak factor = 2.0) and based on Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) process has been set up and commissioned on EPC basis under JnNURM Programme

MMCPL prepared a detailed report for complete design of treatment plant and bio-gas based 330 KWE (0.3MW) capacity Power Generation Plant using Gas Engines. The services included design and preparation of working drawings for process, civil & structural, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works including PLC based Monitoring controls of treatment /power plant.


As a result of MMCPL, the sewerage plant was constructed effectively. Vadodara Municipal Corporation was able to facilitate effective treatment in a better way.


Mr Apurva Parikh – Structural Engineer                                                                    Mr  Roshan Shah – Elect/Mech/Inst Engineer

Mr Sameer Shah – Environmental Engineer

PROJECT ESTIMATE (AT 1990 PRICE LEVEL) :                                        ESTIMATED CONSULTANCY FEES :  

Rs.186Million ( US$ 3.72Million)                                                                               Rs. 28 Million