West Ahmedabad Water Supply Scheme



Ahmedabad is the 7th largest city in India with a present population and 5.5 Million which is likely to be 11 Million by 2021. The Western Parts of the city which till 2006 did not fall in the limits of the Municipal Corporation were developed by the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority in 80’s and 90’s due to pressure for development by creating Town Planning and schemes and providing road infrastructure. However the entire area covering 35 villages/Municipalities depended on Ground Water for drinking. The Ground Water depleted over the years resulting in Water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) which is not suitable for drinking. Due to the above reasons AUDA decided to commission a water supply scheme based on Narmada Waters for the Western Areas. A headworks and Water Treatment Plant was constructed at Jaspur with a present capacity of 275 Mld and a future capacity of 400 Mld.

MMCPL was entrusted the work of design and project management for the Distribution Network for 16 villages which included the following components :

  1. Pipeline
    1. Mild Steel Pipe – Length – 55,075 m.
    2. Ductile Iron Pipe – Length – 61,045 m.
    3. PVC Pipe – Length – 5,17,425 m.
  2. Storage
    1. Underground Storage – 30 Nos. of RCC U/G Sump – 11 lakh litres to 100 lakh litres.
    2. Elevated Storage
      1. 22 Nos. RCC ESR – 250 thousand litres to 500 thousand litres and staging height – 15 m. to 24 m.


  1. Pumping Machinery 
    1. 97 Nos of pumping sets with head  from 17 m to 42 m and total 8500 KW
  2. Pumphouses
    1. 30 Nos. of pump houses having total built up area of 4440 sq.m.



The project was commissioned in 2006 and at present about 200 Mld water is being supplied to the people of West Ahmedabad. The Project Area covered served is 81.27 sq km and ultimate population which will be served by the scheme in 2031 is 2 Million.



Mr Nayan Parikh – Team Leader                                                                      Mrs Rekha Shah – Senior Public Health Engineer

Mr Apurva Parikh  – Structural Engineer                                                         Mr Diplesh Patel – Sr Cadd Specialist

Mr Pradip S Sheth– Senior Elect/Mech Engineer                                         Mr Girish Patel – Survey Engineer

Mr A J Shah – Senior Environmental  Engineer



Rs 1.0 Billion (US$ 20 Million)                                                                         Rs. 25 Million