Sujlam–Suflam Spreading Canal – Adundra Project




The Narmada Dam constructed on the River Narmada is one of the largest multi purposed river valley projects in the world.  The Narmada river though perennial in nature has maximum flow during June to September due to heavy precipitation in the area caused by the South West Monsoon. This discharge cannot be managed and normally flows into the sea.


To utilise the excess discharge from the Narmada River and help the water scarce regions of North Gujarat and Kutch, a project was initiated by the Govt of Gujarat called the Sufalam Suflam project.

The project consists of three components: pumping ‘excess’ water from the Narmada canal into nine North Gujarat dams by laying a dozen odd pipelines each about 100-km long; building an unlined canal across all the 21 rivers in North Gujarat; and, building two hundred thousand farm-ponds under the food-for-work scheme.One of the components of the project is a pipeline  of 24.8 km from Adundra (on the Narmada Main Canal) upto Kherwa along with Pumping station.

The work was given to M/s Essar Constructions Ltd on EPC Basis.

MMCPL scope involved preparation of Detailed Designs and Working Drawings for 2350 mm dia. MS pipeline of 24.8 km length together with (a) suction sump, (b) pumphouse for pumping 734 mLd water, (c) staff quarters  and ancillary structures (d) reservoir at Kherwa and (e) Electrical and Mechanical components including SCADA and switch yard. The pumping machinery provided is 7 pumps (6 working + 1 standby) of 5100 m3/hr. capacity and 80 m head.




The project was completed in time for the excess water from the Narmada Canal to be pumped in the reservoir at Kherwa. The project has aided the improvement in Ground water table due to the recharging and hence helped the agriculture in the area.


Mr Nayan Parikh – Team Leader                                                                                  Mr Diplesh Patel – Sr Cadd Specialist

Mr Apurva Parikh  – Structural Engineer                                                                    Mr Girish Patel – Survey Engineer

Mr A J Shah – Senior Environmental  Engineer

Mrs Viraj Bhatt – Senior Environmental Engineer


PROJECT ESTIMATE (AT 2005 PRICE LEVEL) :                                      ESTIMATED CONSULTANCY FEES :  

Rs 1.25 Billion (US$ 25 Million)                                                                                  Rs. 5 Million