Constructions Of Flyovers At 3 Junctions On 40 M Ring Road Of Ahmedabad City



Ahmedabad is the 7th largest city in India with a population of 5.5 Million and covering an area of about 450 sq km. The city has a ring radial pattern of road which is very well defined. As an initiative of the Jawarhalal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission and in view of making cities sustainable, it will decided to provide a Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in Ahmedabad. The first phase of the system envisaged construction of about 55 km of Roadways and 8 New Flyovers. The BRTS moves on the 40 m ring road from RTO Junction to Shivranjani Junction. The BRTS corridor involves a dedicated corridor for buses and separate lanes for mixed traffic. As part of the BRTS corridor construction it was decided to provide grade separation for mixed traffic at 3 of the busiest junctions along the BRTS corridor. i.e.  Shivranjani Junction, Sola AEC Junction and Memnagar Junction. The Flyovers were constructed in a very busy traffic environment with all the necessary precautions. Pile foundations were provided due to the high nos. of utilities passing through the area. For the superstructure precast precast pretensioned girders were provided with cast in situ diaphragm and slab. This was the first time this technology was used in the state of Gujarat. MMCPL did the Surveys, Soil Investigations, Traffic Surveys, Preparation of Detailed Project Report, Preparation of Detailed Design and Working Drawings, Support during construction.


In spite of the problems encountered during construction and traffic snarls, the flyovers were completed in time for the commissioning of the Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit System. The project was adjudged the best Urban Transport Initiative in the country.



Mr  Apurva N Parikh– Team Leader                                                                 Mr A A Dave – Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Mr  B N Suthar – Senior Bridge Engineer                                                        Mr  H N Vankani – Sr CAD Engineer



PROJECT ESTIMATE (AT 2007 PRICE LEVEL) :                             ESTIMATED CONSULTANCY FEES :                  

 Rs 700 Million ( US $ 14 Million)                                                                     Rs 7 Millon