Fly Over Near Dinesh Mill Vadodara

Client: Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Vadodara


Project Summary:


Vadodara Municipal Corporation has proposed to construct 2 lane Rly. Over bridge across A’bad- Mumbai B. G. line at Km. 395/10 between station Vadodara & Makarpura Near Dinesh Mill, Vadodara. In railway portion ROB superstructure consist of 43.32 mt. bridge length.  1 span of 32.215 m. & 1 span of 11.305 m. T-beam & deck slab with 4 girders in PSC M-45 Overall width of ROB is 11.4 m. Approach on Dinesh Mill side is of 14spans, 20 m. c/c & 110 m. retaining wall.  Approach on Mahadev side of 11 spans, 20 m. c/c & 105 m. retaining wall. RCC box type superstructure in M-30 for approaches.  Overall width of railway portion is 11.4 m including 2 lane carriageway and crash barrier 1.5m wide footpath. File foundation of 1200 mm dia. Piles are proposed for ROB substructure is of RCC piers of 5m x 1 m. in M-30 concrete on RCC pile cap.

Description of Actual Services provided by the Firm:

MMCPL was assigned to provide Consultancy Services for Detailed survey and soil investigation, fixing alignment, preparing GAD, structural design, preparing cost estimate & working drawings, tender documents etc.

Team Assigned:

  1. Mr. Apurva N. Parikh – Managing Director – MMCPL
  2. Mr. B.N. Suthar           – Senior Consultant
  3. Mr. H.M. Trivedi          – Senior Consultant
  4. Mr. Dhaval Patel          – Design Engineer


Project Cost: Rs. 200 Million