East And West Ahmedabad Sewerage Project



Ahmedabad is the 7th largest city in India with a present population of 5.5 Million which is likely to be 11 Million by 2021. The Municipal Corporation Area (until 2006) admeasuring 192 sq km has 95% coverage in terms of sewage network. In 2006 an additional 258 sq km area was added to the Municipal Corporation limits. In newly added areas, the New west zone area covering 134 sq km has a sewerage network coverage in about 40 sq km area whereas the new east zone area covering 32 sq km does not have any coverage in terms of sewage network. The present population in the area is about 2.4 Million and likely to increase to 3.3 Million by 2025. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation alongwith Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority is implementing a project for Sewerage collection, treatment and disposal for this newly added areas. This project is funded under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) of the Govt of India. The project components are listed below :


For East Ahmedabad

  • Sewerage Network – 233 Km Length – Concrete Pipes
  • Terminal Sewage Pumping Station at Vinzol – 102 Mld Capacity
  • Sewage Treatment Plant at Vinzol – 70 Mld Capacity


For West Ahmedabad

Sewerage Network – 467 Km Length – Concrete Pipes

  • Intermediate Pumping Stations at Bhat and Chandkheda
  • Terminal Sewage Pumping Station at Vasna – 285 Mld Capacity
  • Sewage Treatment Plant at Vasna – 240 Mld Capacity



The project is under implementation and likely to be commissioned in phases from 2010 to 2012.



Mr. Nayan Parikh – Team Leader                                                                          Mr. Diplesh Patel – Sr Cadd Specialist

Mr. Apurva Parikh  – Structural Engineer                                                             Mrs. Amita  Mehta – Hydraulic Engineer

Mr. A J Shah – Senior Environmental  Engineer                                               Mr. Roshan Shah -  Sr Elec/Mech/Inst Engineer

Mrs. Viraj Bhatt – Senior Hydraulic Engineer                                                    Mr. Girish Patel – Survey Engineer


PROJECT ESTIMATE (AT 2007 PRICE LEVEL) :                                  ESTIMATED CONSULTANCY FEES :  

Rs 4.5 Billion (US$ 91 Million)                                                                                Rs. 45 Million