Ankleshwar Sewerage Treatment Plant

Client: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation


Project Summary:


A 22.50 mLd capacity sewage treatment plant has been set up by GIDC to treat the domestic waste water from housing of Ankleshwar Industrial  Estate & dispose off into Amla Khadi passing near by the STP site.  The treatment scheme is based on Extended Aeration process with fine bubble diffused  aeration system.  The scope also included collection well to receive raw sewage which shall be further pumped to treatment plant.

Description of Actual Services provided by the Firm:

MMCPL was assigned to provide Consultancy Services for Tender Evaluation, checking and approval of working drawings, project planning, management and monitoring / supervision over execution of work at site.

Team Assigned:

  1. Mr. A. N. Parikh
  2. Mr. Sameer Shah
  3. Mr. Vijay Gajjar
  4. Mrs. Viraj Bhatt
  5. Mrs. Amita Mehta
  6. Mr. Nilesh Patwala


Project Cost: Rs. 202.5 Million