Water and Environmental Engineering

MMCPL helps governments and municipalities across India to provide increasing numbers of people
with access to reliable, affordable and safe water supplies. We also assist authorities and developers
in delivering water to the industries and agricultural developments vital to economic growth and
food security. Whether for rural areas or mega-cities, matching water quality and quantity with
demand is crucial – as is choosing appropriate, affordable technology. Managing demand is also
vital and our experts have the skills – plus the technology – to measure tows and wastage and carry
out hydraulic modeling and analysis of both proposed and existing networks to optimise usage an

MMCPL provides service in the following sectors of Water resources and Irrigation :

- Design of Earthen and Concrete Gravity Dams
- Designs of Lift Irrigation Schemes
- Designs of Canal Networks and Command Area Development
- Water Conservation and Water Harvesting
- Water shed Management
- Water and Wastewater treatment Plant design
- Water distribution, Wastewater and Storm water sewer systems
- Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) for industrial waste waters
- Solid wastes (domestic as well as hazardous industrial) – collection and disposal system
- River engineering, Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics