Transportation Engineering

Good transport is a fundamental requirement for society to achieve a better quality of life. To
meet the demands of the 21st century, transport links need to be fast, efficient, people friendly
and sensitive to the environment. We provide our services in various branches of Transportation
Engineering such as:

•  Roads, Highways and Expressways
•  Urban, Rural and Local Roads
•  Traffic Engineering
•  Transportation Planning

MMCPL is an expert in all aspects of transport planning from feasibility and prefeasibility studies
through preliminary options assessment to design and implementation. Our full range of planning
and modelling services includes data collection, surveys, processing and analysis travel demand
forecasting, transport modelling, policy and objectives analysis and option development – as well
as economic, operational, environmental and financial assessments, detailed design, tender and
contract procedures, statutory procedures and public consultation.

MMCPL provides the following types of Services:

- Traffic studies
- Roadway Design
- Traffic Signal Design
- Parking studies
- Highway Drainage Design
- Socio Economic Assessment of Transportation Projects
- Bid Management
- Detailed Project Report