About Us

Multi Media Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a multi disciplinary consulting engineering company based in Ahmedabad and having over a 100 staff members. Established in the year 1980 the company has today emerged as one of the leading engineering consultancy organizations, offering a wide range of services in various fields. The firm is staffed by highly qualified and experienced engineers who are experts in their respective fields and are ably supported by computer programmers / CAD users and other subordinate engineering staff. MMCPL has a reputation for innovative and cost effective designs.

Technical Capabilities

The company has permanent staff of engineers and technical personnel having education, training and project experience in the following major fields :

-  Irrigation Engineering including network planning

-  Bridge, highway and transportation Engineering

-  Structural Engineering

-  Civil Engineering including geo technical investigations, land surveys etc.

-  Environmental Engineering

-  Water Supply / Disposal Engineering.

-  Project Management

-  Marine Engineering

-  Industrial Infrastructure

International Connection

There have been rapid technological advances in all fields and new methods in design construction / equipments and material have been developed. In order to avail these technologies MMCPL has tie-up arrangements with world renowned consulting firms based abroad who will be collaborating as and when called for to pool their expertise, experience and engineers for MMCPL.